Argan Leaves

Nevertheless, Argan leaves’ fame is quite recent. Indeed, due to scarcity of science-backed research, it had remained ignored for years -only the fruit kernels were used to extract well-known argan oil. Argan leaves have earned a great deal of recognition for the benefits of its outstanding bioactive constituents when used in skin care and cosmeceutical applications. A recent study found that Argan leaves contain proteins, peptides, saponins and other botanicals presenting highly lauded actives for skin and haircare applications. Argan leaves are rich in phenolic compounds (polyphenols, flavonoids).

That are secondary metabolites produced by plants and are often behind defence mechanisms and plant colour. Of these polyphenols, the flavonoids form a group of almost 4,000 compounds which protect the collagen in the inner layer of the skin- dermis. Furthermore, scientific research has revealed the ability of the flavonoids found in plants to relieve inflammatory reaction soothing stressed skin. Possessing its antioxidant and soothing properties and its ability to protect the skin matrix, Argan leaves with high content of polyphenolic compounds, is a potent active botanical for defying signs of ageing such as wrinkles. Research also suggests that these antioxidants counteract the harsh effect of natural or artificial Blue Light improving skin firmness and elasticity.

Dynastia offers potent skin and hair care formulas around the wonders of Argan leaves. Our products for the head-to-toe applications from shampoo to face serum to feet cream feature polyphenols- rich Argan leaf extract that protects the skin against free radicals, pollution, Blue light and collagenase activity. Discover the immense benefits of this novel star ingredient and make your skin thank Dynastia.

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