Argan Oil

Argan Oil -one of the rarest and most sought-after oils -is extracted from the nut of the Argan Tree (Argania Spinosa) exclusively native to Morocco.

With its unique composition of unsaturated fatty acids (Oleic acid (20-42%) and Linoleic acid (34-65%)), carotenoids, sterols, polyphenols, ferulic acid, Vitamin E and squalene, this valuable oil delivers a therapeutic profile containing regenerative and restoring properties for skin and hair care.

The natural emollient improves skin softness, hydration while offering antioxidant protection. Most of the research found it is best to diminish wrinkles and smoothing of texture, making it an excellent choice for all anti-ageing and mature skincare products. It has also shown to improve the elasticity and tightening of the skin.

In addition to its therapeutic goodness, it is also believed to be non-comedogenic as the comedogenic rating of Argan oil is 0 and not contributing to clogging of pores causing blemishes and further breakouts. Argan oil is known to make hair stronger and healthy imparting a remarkable shine to dull hair.

Dynastia proudly carries all the virtues of Argan oil that cater to skin hair and nail care. From bath & body to treatment formulas including cleansers, exfoliations, moisturizers, serums etc. the entirety of Dynastia benefits from Argan oil that is renowned to address various skin concerns delivering guaranteed results.

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